Italian names: that's us!

Italian names: that's us!

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Cape on Italy and sunny names! Matteo, Chiara, Ugo, Giulia ... the Italian names have a certain charm and sing to our ears. So, what name for your future sunbeam? 20 ideas that we liked. There are plenty of others of course!

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Italian names: that's us! (20 photos)

Italian names: Alessandro

Italian variant of Alexander, it comes from the Greek words alexein and andros, meaning the warrior who protects. Sandro too could please you. His birthday: April 22nd.

Italian names: Sofia

More success also for the Italian version of our Sophie. From the Greek word sophia, which designates the wisdom ... one remembers nevertheless the misfortunes of a certain Sophie who was not very wise. His birthday: May 25th.

Italian names: Leandro

He likes and likes more and more parents. Italian form of Leander, it comes from the Greek word leandroswho means man of his people. His birthday: February 28th.

Italian names: Paola

This Italian version of Paule has far surpassed this one in popularity. Latin paulus, which means small, it's a name that has grown! His birthday: January 26th.

Italian names: Gianni

For some, it is the diminutive of the Italian first name Giovanni, for others the Italian variant of Jean. What is certain is that it is soft and will go like a glove to your future charmer. His party : June 24th.

Italian names: Giulia

The baby Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni has made much of this name in 2011. Italian variant of our Julie, it is celebrated on April 8th.

Italian names: Angelo

For your angel, fall for the Italian version ... From Greek agellos which means messenger, it is celebrated on May 5th.

Italian names: Pia

A name cute, widespread in Italy, less at home, that's what you might like. His origin ? It means pious in Latin. His birthday: August 21st.

Italian names: Enzo

Here is an Italian name since it was "invented" by the Germanic Emperor Frederic II, fell in love with this beautiful country. Derived from Henri, it is celebrated on July 13 and is still in the top 20 this year!

More On Enzo

Italian names: Claudia

A name with a more feminine sound than our Claude, of which he is the Italian variant. It comes from Latin Claudius, name of an illustrious Roman family. His birthday: March 20th.

Italian names: Gina

Typically Italian, he comes from Hebrew gan, garden, or Latin regina which means the queen. It is also a derivative of Regina or Luigina. His birthday: January 3rd.

Italian names: Lorenzo

Latin laurus, which means laurel, this Italian variant of our Lawrence seems to be more popular than the French version. His birthday: August 10th.

Italian names: Ornella

Of Italian origin, here is a name in gold, since it comes from the Latin word aurum, which designates this precious metal. His birthday: August 18th at home and November 9th in Italy.

Italian names: Matteo

From Hebrew mattahïah, gift of God, Matteo is the Italian version of our Matthew. But he far outweighed it in the hearts of parents! His birthday: September 21st.

Italian names: Carla

Italian form of Charlotte, it knew a peak of popularity in 2000 and continues to seduce since, just like a certain Carla Bruni S .... His birthday: July 17th.

Italian names: Adriano

Derived from Adrian, Adriano comes from the Greek Adria or Adrianos designating the inhabitants of the city of Adria in Veneto. Current in Italy, it is rare at home. Seduced? His birthday: September 8th.

Italian names: Luna

Here is a name that is popular with us since 2009. Its Latin meaning? Refers to the one that refers to the Moon. An inspiring name for your marvel, no? His birthday: June 9th or July 1st.

Italian names: Ugo

This is the Italian version of our Hugues ... which is much more popular with parents. Its ending in "o" seduces ... and you? His birthday: April 1st.

Italian names: Chiara

Our Claire, Italian version. Latin clarus, which means white, this beautiful name is celebrated on August 11th.

Italian names: Luca

Lucas ... without the "s" final, it's Italian fashion. A luminous name since it comes from the Latin word lux, the light. His birthday: October 18th or September 27th.