Magic names: Viviane, Mélusine, Merlin, Harry ...

Magic names: Viviane, Mélusine, Merlin, Harry ...

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Are you looking for a name that is a little "magic" for your baby? Let us give you ideas. Viviane, Mélusine, Merlin, Harry, Jafar, Aicha, Morgane, Gandalf, Elina: discover the origin, the date of celebration and derivatives of these names.


  • Female first name.
  • From Latin "vivianus", which means full of life.
  • According to a Celtic legend, it is the fairy Viviane, also called the Lady of the Lake, who has collected Lancelot, the knight of the Round Table. Beautiful as the day like all the fairies, she was able to charm Merlin. Viviane is also the character played by Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman ... a little fairy too.
  • His party : December 2nd.
  • Its derivatives: Vivienne, Viviana, Vivia.


  • Male first name.
  • Derived from Henry, from the Germanic "heim", house, and "ric", powerful.
  • A famous magician? Harry Potter, of course, but there is also the famous Harry Houdini who died in 1926, best known for the tricks of escaping from a trunk filled with water, closed with chains.
  • St. Henry, heir to the throne of Bavaria, did not repudiate his wife when she confessed her infertility, and tried to keep the unity of the Holy Roman Empire. He died in 1024.
  • His party : July 13th.
  • Its derivative: Arri.

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