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Protect your kids from ticks!

Protect your kids from ticks!

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The return of the beautiful days gives you back desires of nature. If you go for a walk in the forest, beware of any tick bites some species may be responsible for a bacterial infection: Lyme disease.

Lyme disease, what is it?

  • Also called Lyme borreliosis, Lyme disease is a naturally occurring zoonosis, infection or infestation from an animal to humans. It is caused by a bacterium (Borellia) transmitted by the bite of some ticks.
  • The tick is a mite that lives in damp places: woods, meadows, gardens, forests, parks ... It feeds on the blood of animals (squirrels, fallow deer, deer birds, horses ...). It is during one of her "meals" on an infected animal that she can become a carrier of the bacterium and then transmit it to the man by pricking it.
  • Contamination of Lyme disease occurs only by stinging an infected tick and not by contact from one person to another, or with an infected animal or carrying ticks.

The consequences of Lyme disease

  • Often without apparent symptoms, Lyme disease is likely to cause a sometimes disabling disease. It usually evolves in 3 steps:
  • A few days and weeks after the sting. A red plaque, called erythema migrans, appears gradually extending around the stinging point. He can disappear on his own in a few weeks.
  • A few weeks or months after the sting, certain disorders of the nervous system, joints and more rarely of the skin, heart and eye can occur in the absence of treatment.
  • After several months or years after the injection, in the absence of treatment, chronic lesions of the skin, joints and nervous system can occur.
  • If any of these signs appear after a possible tick bite, you must consult a doctor without delay. He will probably prescribe antibiotic treatment to avoid complications.
  • It is not necessary to treat after a tick bite. The treatment is only useful in case of symptoms.

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