Ready for skiing?

Ready for skiing?

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You have decided to offer a little getaway to the mountains. But beware, moonboots and combination are not enough. You must prepare yourself physically and protect yourself from the sun. Good tracks to follow.

Improve your abilities

If you do not practice a sporting activity during the year, a little preparation is necessary before your departure to "revive" the machine and avoid injuries.

  • Choose the stairs instead of the elevators as often as possible to make your legs work.
  • Swim with fins, the effort provided will be more intense.
  • Cycling once or twice a week.
  • Recharge your rollers or your ice skates to make your sense of balance work.

Bet on the breakfast

Once there, fight the cold and provide enough energy to your muscles with a hearty breakfast. On the menu :

  • Fill up on energy with slow sugars (cereals, wholemeal bread).
  • Think about eggs, cheese or ham for protein.
  • Make an energy boost by consuming quick sugars (jams, honey).
  • Hydrate with a hot drink, tea or coffee.
  • Do not forget the fruits (bananas, oranges).
  • Prevent the pump stroke Bringing dried fruit or a cereal bar into your bag.

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