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Prevent back pain from a very young age

Prevent back pain from a very young age

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Back pain also affects children! Unsuitable school furniture, satchels too heavy ... these are some of the causes. How to avoid these pains? Frédéric Srour, physiotherapist, gives us some prevention tips.

Is physical activity recommended to prevent back pain?

  • Absolutely. From the age of 3 or 4, children can do physical awakening. When they are a little bigger, there is not one recommended activity more than another, the important thing is that they move by practicing an activity that they like. They must be able to draw on all their muscles and learn to feel their bodies in motion.

Is back pain in children more prevalent than before?

  • It's a growing problem. Children are becoming bigger, but school furniture dates back to the 20th century. In classrooms, there is a great disparity in size and weight between students.
  • Physical inactivity also plays a role in overweight children that can also cause back pain.

How to avoid back pain in children?

  • From the youngest age, from CP, it is important to monitor the weight of the binder. In addition, it must be suitable for the child, with padded shoulder straps, placed high enough and worn on both shoulders.
  • At home, you must also monitor the position of your child at the table and when he works. This is part of the vertebral education. Young children may have stiffness in their muscles, or muscle weakness. It should not be forgotten that a child spends thousands of hours sitting.

* Member of the National Union of Physical Rehabilitation Physiotherapists (SNMKR)

Interviewed by Stéphanie Letellier