"When my wife became a mother ..."

"When my wife became a mother ..."

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It is neither a disaster scenario nor the occurrence of a second honeymoon. With the announcement and then the arrival of this baby, your companion will change. It is said ! It remains to be seen how ... Our journalist, already a dad, gives some ideas.

  • During the first weeks of pregnancy, something fundamental happens in it. You know it in your head, of course, but when you look at your girlfriend, everything seems as before. And yet: a being grows in it. Witness moved and sometimes incredulous, you contemplate her caressing with her fingers the surface of her round belly, as if she was conversing silently with a crystal ball. Little by little, you discover that you have to share a new intimacy ...

Three under the duvet

  • This awareness is sometimes disturbing. "During pregnancy, the man may experience difficulties during the sexual intercourseremarks Fabrice Garau, psychologist. The investment of the female body is no longer the same. There is this new person who will take more and more space, visually. The image of the woman he knew begins to change. Man must begin the transition between the erotic body he knew and the maternal body that asserts itself. "And for you, daddy, it's sometimes weird.Two people are set up simultaneously: the baby and the mother.For your companion, the distinction is clearer: a baby grows in it.

A new woman

  • At delivery, it is yet another maternal facet that is revealed. Your wife can reveal amazing potential, to make you pale with envy. "We arrived quite late at the clinic, remembers Pierre, daddy of Louis and Marie.The cervix of my wife was so dilated that she gave birth without epidural.At the time of expulsion, I was stunned to Marie was not a great sportsman, I had never seen her produce such an effort or deploy such power, such energy! It was as if she were surging on a blade of bottom, coming from the depths of the sea and lifting it up, it was incredible! "

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