What green wardrobe for your baby?

What green wardrobe for your baby?

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Soft, supple fibers that respect your delicate skin ... that's what organic fabrics bring to your child. And not only that: when you buy organic, it relieves the planet of unnecessary pollution and promotes fair and ethical trade.

The Commission for Consumer Safety (CSC) is asking the public authorities to put in place a new normative framework for clothing intended for children under 3 years, in particular to prohibit the presence of chemical substances (phthalates, formaldehyde, etc.) or heavy metals (lead ...) in their manufacture. Should we bring to children other matters than cotton, which we all know?

Cotton does not have any good

  • Cotton is one of the most polluting plant fibers in the world. Gourmet in water, pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, etc., the cultivation of cotton is far from innocuous. ! More serious, the residues found in clothing - heavy metals such as chromium in dyes, for example - threaten the health of those who wear them, starting with children!

The solutions ?

  • Among the most prevalent today, there is organic cotton, the only certified organic textile. Organic cotton is grown by hand by small local producers in India, Turkey .... with natural fertilizers. In fact, it promotes fair and ethical trade.
  • And also. Today, the offer is more and more extensive. Other eco-friendly materials can be found, such as flax, hemp, nettle, bamboo, seaweed... soft materials for the skin and the planet!
  • And the shoes? Organic cotton, even organic leather, the shoes also go green. Good news for the health of the little feet!

Safia Amor

Clothing side, it moves!

• Tudo Bom's re-cyclon T-shirt line in the Compagnie des Petits stores.

• At Monoprix, find the MIDD (Sustainable Development Innovation Mode).

• Petit Bateau launches its organic cotton collection.

• For sneakers, Veja offers a series of models for babies and children. www.veja.fr

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