What dental care pregnant?

What dental care pregnant?

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"Pregnant 9 weeks, I have to devitalize a tooth, is there a danger?" Our specialist, Dr. Jean-Marc Dersot, former president of the French Society of Periodontology, answers Pascaline's question.

The answer of Dr. Jean-Marc Dersot, former president of the French Society of Periodontology

  • Except in cases of extreme urgency, it is precautionary to use local anesthesia during the first three months of pregnancy and during the last trimester. In fact, the product passes into the baby's blood and can cause miscarriage at the beginning of maternity, or premature delivery.
  • If an X-ray is needed, the dentist protects the belly and neck of the expectant mother with a lead apron so as not to irradiate the fetus and the thyroid gland. Under the influence of high levels of hormones, the gums are likely to be very red, swollen, bleed ... in other words, to suffer from gingivitis. You can prescribe a drug if it is essential, but always with the agreement of the gynecologist who follows the future mother.
  • I advise young women who want to have a baby to have a preliminary dental check and periodontal (gums) in order to practice the necessary care if necessary.