Reactions of the president of the general council of Reunion about Dominique Versini on the spanking

Reactions of the president of the general council of Reunion about Dominique Versini on the spanking

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In early February, Dominique Versini submitted a report to the UN in which she proposed to prohibit by law corporal punishment, including spanking. To justify this proposal, the Children's Advocate had mentioned Reunion Island and "educational methods which, by tradition, are more a matter of dressage than of education". The president of the general council of the island answers him. (News of 24/02/09)

  • February 4thDominique Versini presented a report to the UN proposing to ban corporal punishment, including spanking, by law. Initially opposed to the idea of ​​such a law, the Children's Defender had finally changed its mind following a trip to Reunion, as she had explained to the site "I changed on a visit to Reunion Island, where I have been told a lot of domestic violence on children and educational methods that, traditionally, are more of training than education. "

Reactions of the President of the General Council of Reunion

  • In an open letter, dated February 18, Nassimah Dindar, president of the general council of Reunion expressed " his amazement "against this " very hard judgment for the department of Reunion ".
  • According to Nassimah Dindar "This assertion is not based on any evidence, let alone on specific studies that could have been given to you during your recent trip to Reunion.Nothing can justify the singular place and little value made in Reunion in the statement of reasons on which you have based your proposal of law Reunionese must know that it is thus starting from clichés without scientific value that you have attached to their island a stigmatizing and undeserved image of "land of mistreatment" . To be continued.

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