Mom's future recipes: bet on the carrot

Mom's future recipes: bet on the carrot

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It looks good and gives good looks to the carrot ... but it is also a mine of benefits for you and your future baby during pregnancy. discover its many assets and recipe ideas to enjoy.

Why carrot during pregnancy?

  • She is rich in beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant and precursor of vitamin A that protects your baby's cellular development. Deficiency can cause eye problems and retarded growth.
  • It also contains carotenoids, antioxidants capable of regulating the immune system. Needs are increased during pregnancy.
  • His fibers have a high water retention capacity, which helps fight diarrhea like constipation, common during pregnancy.
  • The carrot contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin C which facilitates the absorption of the latter and thus helps to fight against anemia.
  • It is rich in vitamin K useful for blood clotting, vitamin B12 which participates in the production of red blood cells supplying oxygen to all the cells of the body.

Council +: if it comes from organic farming, just brush it with water instead of peeling it to get the most out of its nutrients. Otherwise, it is imperative to peel it carefully.

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