Back to school: school without glues!

Back to school: school without glues!

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Entrance to school, a great moment for your child ... as for you! Here are our tips to be unbeatable on the first day of school.

It is not entirely clean

Your child is not yet clean for entry to kindergarten ... that's it, it's said, even if the information was not so clearly expressed before the high authorities of the school. So you worry about his return.

Not clean, it's serious?

School is necessarily frustrating

"Go sit, listen, repeat ..." These few words said, even with the softest voice, resonate in the head of your child inevitably as heavy injunctions. Especially if he is at the beginning of his school career.

School is the prison?

The mistress is only a human being

From the first day, you have only one desire: that she speaks to you about your child, that she reassures you, that she tells you that he is not unhappy all the time far from you ( whatever ...).

His mistress, how to use.

The lady in the blouse, who is it?

During the re-entry meeting, your child's mistress will introduce you to the ATSEM with which she forms, if everything goes well, the most perfect pair of pairs. At the first, the mission of educating, at the second rather than to assist.

What to ask the Atsem?

Your child, it's not you

Your child enters a small kindergarten section. Here it is in the world of the big ones which returns you ... to your own school path. Yes, no one escapes!

To each his career.

He does not talk about his day. Why ?

Because his day has been full of emotions and he does not want to, or can not, express everything he has experienced in the last few hours.

He cultivates his secret garden.

The parents' meeting is not the parent's meeting

It will take a little patience. The rehearsal meeting takes place in the few days or weeks following the start of the school year. You will be able to try some personal questions. One or two, great maximum.

Ah, those parents!

The canteen is not so bad!

Of course, this place where your child can spend between 20 and 40 minutes is a collective place, watched by a handful of adults and nothing guarantees that your cherub will have finished his plate at the end of the meal.

Canteen, nap ... what's going on.