Back to school: my anti-stress program

Back to school: my anti-stress program

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Charged the life of a mother! Yes, but do not you sometimes do a little too much? Our special program returned to relativize and (finally!) Take care of you.

A mother has the right not to be perfect

You would love to stick to the image of perfection, if only to silence the little voices of guilt that whisper in you that you are ready to lift mountains.

There are limits.

A mother is not the taxi on Wednesday

Exit RTT Wednesdays that turn you into express taxi. The judo of the elder in the south of the neighborhood, the baby-gym of the second at the opposite gym and the creative workshop for babies "bobo" in the city center ...

I take time for myself.

The family is 2 adults and ... children

Each year, the presenters of the JT (men!) We announce the mouth in heart: the division of tasks between men and women does not evolve ... or little!

A woman's life.

A mother has the right to have fun

Subway, work, sleep, to which must be added nursery, bath, dinner, shopping, washing, ironing ... Who can decently hold at this rate? You? But for what result?

Zen for the return.

A mother must know how to enforce her rights

You are pregnant ? Do you have a child under the age of 3 in your arms and are you waiting for your turn to renew your driving license at the prefecture? Well know that you have priority.

I'm entitled to it!

A mother anticipates and organizes

Once the basics are discussed and then asked, they must be respected. You have taken the lead, mastered the risks ... now you have to reap the benefits.

It must win too!