Name Helori - Meaning and origin

Name Helori - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from the Breton name haelguri, Helori is formed of "hael" and "uuobri" which mean respectively "generous" and "wise".


There is no celebrity named Helori.

His character :

Helori is sociable, curious and independent. He is good at contacts and dialogues. This real teaser loves to share his joie de vivre with his entourage, to be watched and admired. Helori is very concerned about the image that he sends back to those around him. He likes to impose himself as a versatile, disciplined and wise man. He also has irreproachable moral values. Comprehensive and selfless, he knows how to be attentive and attentive. It takes into account the views or ideas of others and may even reconsider its decisions when needed.


Elora, Elorri, Elorra, Elorah, Elory, Elhora, Helora

His party :

The Helori are celebrated on May 19th.

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