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All about baby's skin

All about baby's skin

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Sweet and beautiful like peach, your toddler's skin is also very fragile. Redness, small pimples, eczema, jaundice, scabs of milk ... it can sometimes be a problem. Our advice to bring him the most comfort possible.

Take care of your baby's skin

Softness of the silk, velvety peach: the skin of your baby needs softness. Here are the tips of Dr. Agnès Gougerot, dermatologist, to take care of it with gentleness and attention.

A peach skin!

Diaper rash quiz

Redness, irritation ... diaper rash is common in a baby. Her small buttocks are fragile and subject to many attacks. Causes, prevention, good reflexes ... little quiz for a peach skin.

I'm doing the quiz.

He has crusts of milk

A few weeks after birth, your baby develops nasty yellowish scabs on the scalp. These are scabs of milk. Where do they come from? How to treat them? Here are a few tips.

What is a milk crust?

Our quiz.

What do you know about your baby's skin?

She is so sweet, so fine, so beautiful ... but so vulnerable to your baby's skin. Is it different from that of an adult? Why is she so fragile? What problems can you have with your little one? To find out, test your knowledge quickly.

Our skin quiz.

Infant jaundice

Doctors also call it jaundice ... physiological, that is, normal. Linked to the immaturity of the baby, jaundice is very common in the days following birth. It must nevertheless be the object of great vigilance.

His skin is yellow ... what to do?

He has red buttocks

Irritated, overheated and crayfish color ... your baby's little buttocks turn to red alert? These are the symptoms of diaper rash. The advice of Jean-Pierre Ducret, dermatologist, to effectively relieve your toddler and prevent recurrence.

Diaper rash, what do I do?

Good products.

He has small skin problems

The velvety peach, the silky pink: the images are not lacking to describe the skin of a newborn. But that of your little one presents some imperfections. Milia seeds, acne, pimples, red patches, advice from our specialist.

What are these little buttons?

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