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Emergencies: when to go?

Emergencies: when to go?

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Summer, holiday season, many practitioners are leaving their office for a few days off. Whether you are on vacation or not, the prospect of this shortage of doctors does not reassure you. What if your child was sick? Go to emergencies or not? We respond !

Emergencies, not necessarily!

  • Because of holidays, yours or yours, you are stressed that you can not consult your child's pediatrician during the summer or the end of year holidays. This does not mean that you must rush to emergencies at least bobo. There is no point in inflicting hours spent in the corridors of emergency services, which are often overcrowded, for minor symptoms.
  • In case of small fever (no more than 38.5 ° C for less than 48 hours, which may drop with paracetamol and baths whose temperature is 2 ° C lower than that of your child) as much as trying to find a doctor near your home or resort. You can inquire at a pharmacy or contact directly.
  • Remember, before going on vacation, to think about packing your health book. It contains all the information that could be of great help to the practitioner who will examine your child.

Emergencies without hesitation!

  • In some cases, call Samu (15) or firefighters (18) or go directly to the nearest pediatric emergency room. And this even if your child's pediatrician has not been absent.
  • Your child has a persistent fever (over 38.5 ° C for more than 48 hours) with a change in behavior: he is cranky, constantly moans and has no appetite. He is hypotonic (soft as a rag doll) or quite stiff on the other hand. he does not stop sleeping. He convulses. He has a pale or gray complexion. Only emergencies will be able to eliminate the risks of serious bacterial infection (meningitis, aggravation of a urinary infection ...) and treat them if necessary.
  • He has difficulty breathing, no hesitation, it is the direct hospital!

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