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Ski holidays: caution on the slopes!

Ski holidays: caution on the slopes!

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Are you leaving for skiing soon? To prevent an accident from spoiling your holidays in the mountains, the Ministry of Sports reminds the rules of caution to respect on the slopes.

1) Check the weather

  • Before you go into the powder, find out about the weather forecast in the resort. If in doubt, or if the visibility looks bad, delay your departure. Also check out the opening and closing signs for the slopes and lifts. If needed, ski lifts, instructors and guides can answer your questions.

2) Eat well, essential!

  • More than ever, breakfast is essential before spending the day on skis. With the cold and the effort, you and your children consume more calories. Remember to bring in a backpack a few cereal bars or dried fruit in case of cravings, not to mention a bottle of water to hydrate.

3) Warm up before leaving

  • The mountain is sport! Without warming up, you could hurt yourself and ruin your stay. Before leaving, do some stretching to get ready.

4) Maintain your equipment

  • Fastener adjustment is essential, make the point before leaving and seek advice from a specialist if you can not do it alone.You thus limit the risk of sprained knee in case of a fall ... Before putting on your skis, also think to remove the snow between your shoes and your skis.

5) A helmet for children, essential!

  • In case of fall or shock, the helmet will prevent your child from head trauma. If you rent your equipment, you will normally be offered. If not, ask for it. A good helmet must be adapted: it must remain in place when your child moves his / her head and must not obstruct the sight or the hearing. Ask your child to try it before renting or buying it.

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