Name Joël - Meaning and origin

Name Joël - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Courts, French, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

From the Hebrew Yô'el meaning "Yahweh is God".


The French novelist Joel Séria, the great American chess master Joel Benjamin, the Quebec lawyer Joel Lightbound the French politician Joel Goyheneix, the former French goalkeeper Joel Bats, the French handball player Joel Abati, American musician Joël Cohen, French footballer Joël Cantona, French chef Joël Robuchon.

In the Bible, son of Petruel, Joel is one of the "twelve little prophets". He is above all the prophet of the outpouring of the Spirit, of Pentecost and also of penance.

His character :

Concerned about his well-being, Joël does everything to maintain his balance by avoiding excesses as much as possible. He shows proof, whether in the manifestation of his emotions or in his actions in general. It is indeed a being with common sense, able to respond quickly and slowly to anger. He can be counted on to make decisions quickly because he can not easily be dominated by his feelings. With his head on his shoulders, he quickly analyzes the situation thanks to his quick wit.

As a child, Joël stands out for his calm and calm nature. Receptive, he quickly grasps the meaning of things and easily assimilates what he learns. Able to keep his cool in all circumstances, it is definitely a person that can be supported without fear, because it does not easily give in to pressure.


Yoel and Joey.

His party :

The Joels are in the spotlight on July 13th.

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