Name Karin - Meaning and origin

Name Karin - Meaning and origin

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The name Karin is a derivative of Karine. It is derived from the name Carina which comes from the Latin adjective "carus" which means "loved". In the Greek language, this name is derived from the word "katharos" or "katha-kidney" which means "pure". The name Karin can also be considered as the diminutive of Katherine.


Karin Viard is a French actress.
Karine Jalabert, better known as Karine Ferri, is a French television actress and model.
Karin Slaughter is an American author known for her crime novels and thrillers.
Karin Albou is a director of French origin, a screenwriter and an actress.
Karin Alvtegen is a Swedish screenwriter and writer of crime novels.
The Karin are celebrated at the same time as Saint Carine. Carine d'Ancyre was a Christian who lived in the north of Asia Minor with her son and her husband. She and her family were martyred in the city of Ancyre.

His character :

Karin is a real tomboy. Energetic, authoritarian and courageous, she does not shrink from difficulties. In spite of his assured nature, he can still feel worry and doubts from time to time. When one discovers this aspect of her personality, Karin reacts by being suspicious, haughty and slightly ironic. When she is caught off guard, she can shut up on herself or be eccentric.


Caren, Carina, Carine, Carinne, Carène, Karelle, Karen, Karine and Karina.

His party :

The Karin are celebrated on November 7th.

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