Name Léana - Meaning of the origin

Name Léana - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Latin

Meaning of the name:

The name Léana comes from Le'ah in Hebrew. It is also a derivative of the first name Léa. In Hebrew, Léana means "tired" or "lioness of wisdom". In the Latin language, it means "lioness".


No known Léana yet ... your little princess may change things!
The Léana are celebrated the same day as Saint Lea. She was a Roman lady and the disciple of Saint Jerome, whose lessons of Holy Scripture she listened to. Having become a widow, she entered the monastery of Ostia, where she became superior.

His character :

Léana is a sensitive and emotional girl, even if we do not notice her at first glance. Possessing a strong personality, she is energetic, authoritarian and ambitious. In serious discussions, she is always able to impose her point of view. Sometimes she also shows timidity and reserve. Knowing how to be gentle and conciliatory, she is ready to do anything to coax and manipulate people to achieve her goal. He may need to feel protected, surrounded and reassured.


Lia, Liahi, Liane, Léa, Léah, Léane and Léanne.

His party :

The Léana are celebrated on March 22nd.

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